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2011-08-19 17:11:52 by Favyoun

I have artwork up here though it's not viewable in the art portal can someone tell me why? Seriously getting pissed off from this.

Audio portal tops

2011-06-23 05:03:01 by Favyoun

Did anyone else think the top 5 for the audio portal weekly sucked as a whole with basically only two good songs?


2011-06-19 00:42:21 by Favyoun

Why in the hell can't I pull my artwork up on the art portal, their not sketches I verified that. So why is my artwork not shown does anyone know?

Hard pressed

2011-06-17 17:29:31 by Favyoun

I am hard pressed at work to make a lot of stuff at the same time get you guys a lot of stuff to hear, look, love, and like. Be patient I can assure you you will not be let down.

What's up with me?

2011-06-16 01:46:50 by Favyoun

YOCurrently doing a lot of projects hope to get you guys into a my works enjoy, ,and feedback as well as constructive criticism is appreciated.